infoMail is the protection of e-mail against wide range of modern threats, such as viruses, malware, spam, emails with links to resources containing malware, leakage of confidential information caused by phishing technologies, leakage of critical information caused by unintentional or intentional actions of company employees.

    • 92% of malware is received by Email
    • 49% of malware infections occur via e-mail

To effectively fight with new cyber threats, the analytical center of the infoMail service analyzes millions of e-mails per hour worldwide and can identify new dangerous code in minutes.

Features and benefits:

      • Antispam / Antifishing
      • Antivirus
      • Protection against new threats
      • Protection against targeted attacks
      • Analysis in the “sandbox”
      • Ensuring compliance and data protection
      • Management and reporting
      • Flexible deployment
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How it works

Usually, the deployment period of infoMail service is 10 days and includes six stages of work

  1. Briefing with representatives of the customer’s company
  2. Terms of reference and estimates forming. Service “pilot” testing (if requested)
  3. Scope of work confirmation and contract signing
  4. System configuration and testing
  5. infoMail service start
  6. infoMail service technical support