System integration and cloud technologies

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Virtual Private Server (VPS)

The main consumers of “cloud” technologies are small and medium-sized businesses, various Internet services, web developers, online stores, commercial banks, etc.

When ordering the service VPS you receive an individual analog of a physical server, without feeling the impact of other users on the performance of their own resources. If desired, the VPS service is provided with the installed operating system, IP address and unlimited data channel up to 1 Gbps, which allows you to get a ready-made solution and immediately launch all your projects.

The main advantages of the VPS service for clients:

  1. Reduction of capital expenditures (opportunity to save money on physical IT infrastructure);
  2. The customer does not spend time and money on maintenance of engineering infrastructure;
  3. Physical security;
  4. Quick start;
  5. Ease of setup and management;
  6. Round-the-clock technical support (24/7/365)

Hosting of corporate systems

Corporate systems hosting service is the provision of scalable resources to support corporate information systems Intranet and Extranet – scale and ensure high performance, regardless of their location.

1. Hosting – hosting, restoration, site management, and round-the-clock support.

2. Services on registration and support of domain names – registration and support during the year of domains:;;;;; com; no; org; info; biz; ua.

3. Application Service Providing (ASP) – The Data Center provides the ability to rent software installed on its platform and all necessary infrastructure elements. Provides customer service and access to software products over the Internet or dedicated networks.

What you need to know about the cloud services

The answers to common questions are provided by our specialists.