With each stage of your company’s growth, keeping all your IT equipment in the office becomes more and more difficult. In addition to electricity and maintenance costs, owners face challenges in providing uninterrupted power to the equipment and maintaining the optimum temperature in their own server room. There is also a need to provide equipment with reliable data transmission channels, or an Internet connection with active redundancy.

Sometimes, solving all the problems related to the reliable operation of their own servers becomes extremely difficult due to the high cost of maintaining proper conditions, or due to physical impossibility: lack of free additional space in the office, lack of alternative data channels connectivity, the inability of emergency power supplies installation.

We offer a simple and secure solution – placing your company’s servers in Infocom’s specialized technical rooms. We will provide your servers with reliable data transmission channels, uninterruptible power supply, constant temperature and protect them from cybercrime attacks. Also, our technical specialists will help you remotely solve technical problems with the server that may occur during its operation.

Contact Infocom’s Sales team for information on the possible placement of your equipment and available locations.

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