Infocom was founded in 1991 as a 50/50 joint venture of the Ukrainian
government PTT agency and German IT-company Controlware GmbH
and started its operations in the same year. By providing first internet access, adopting new technologies of that time Infocom soon became the most experienced, qualified, and respected telecom company in Ukraine.
Today Infocom is 100% member of the Controlware Holding and provides
services to international and state organizations, energy and financial sectors, ensuring work of governmental critical infrastructure, providing B2B and B2C services.

Infocom’s mission is being a secure foundation for YOUR growth.
Every member of our large team is striving to create a reliable, efficient, scalable and convenient IT environment for each of our clients.

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  • 1000+ communication nodes
  • 500+ running WiFi BTS
  • 9000+ points of presence
  • 300+ employees
    (200+ are technical specialists)
  • 22 regional offices
  • 19000+ clients all over Ukraine
  • After its establishment in 1991, the company began to develop Ukraine’s first national data transmission network, UkrPack, using the X.25 telecommunications standard, as previously only public access telephone networks existed in the country. Infocom’s first international partners were Datex-P (Germany) and Sprint (USA), which gave Ukraine access to more than 120 data networks, and for the first time in Ukraine, access to the electronic banking system SWIFT.
  • In 1996, Infocom began providing access to the World Wide Web. The company also continued to develop the UkrPack network, which was used by the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine and leading banking institutions that gained access to the clearinghouse of the National Bank of Ukraine and foreign banks.
  • An important event was the organization of interaction with the networks of international operators Infonet and Global One. The UkrPak network is expanding to district centers and already connects 120 large cities of Ukraine. Infocom offers effective solutions for building corporate VPN networks. Differentiation of QoS (Quality of Service) and SLA (Service Level Agreement) services are being introduced.
  • UkrPack network has 700+ communication nodes located in regional and district centers. Based on the MPLS network, a high-speed (1 GB / sec.) Kyiv city network “UkrPack Metro Kyiv” has been created. For this project, JE Infocom received a diploma from Cisco Systems Ukraine in the nomination “Metro Network of the Year”. Commissioning of new 10-100 Mbps channels in the direction of district centers. Development of radio frequency resource in the 5.5 GHz band, according to the national license. The development of wireless coverage based on WiMAX and WiFi technologies has begun.
  • In 2019, Infocom rebranded the company. The changes affected not only the appearance but also the list of offered services, which included information security services (infoGuard, infoMail, infoDDoS) and the development of new generation networks (infoSDWAN).
    Presentation in Ukraine of the innovative biometric identification system ManuScan. Infocom becomes the first in Ukraine MSSP (managed security service provider) partner of Fortinet, a world leader in the field of information security.

Map of presence

Spread infrastructure throughout Ukraine: 1000+ communication nodes, 500+ running WiFi BTS, 22 regional offices.

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Technical support service

  • The Infocom network operations center (NOC) has a technical support service, the main purpose of which is to provide prompt solutions to any problems of our customers or partners.
  • The work of the technical support service is aimed at prompt resolution of issues in cooperation with all participants of the process.
  • Technical support service acts according to relevant regulations.
  • The technical support service works 24/7/365 to provide our customers with the highest level of service.

24-hour technical support phone number:

+380 (44) 230-52-19