International partnership

  •     1991 year of the first international partnership
  •        2 hours onsite intervention maximum
  • 9000+      points of presence

Welcome to cooperate!

Infocom is offering B-End services on a countrywide 9000+ PoP network. We are providing high-level comfort by giving our partners a single point of contact, English speaking 24/7 NOC, and operating according to international SLA standards including timely work notifications.

Deep-reaching topology with more than 1000 nodes in operation all over Ukraine, short «project-based» last mile within a locality, RF license for long-range WiFi, and WiMAX network with 500+ running BTS allows responding fast to any possible inquiry providing Fast Start service deployment in almost any location. This is possible due to 22 regional offices (operating since the ’90s) each with a team of professional engineers, a wide range of hardware, and SPTA sets.

Infocom is:

  • Fortinet MSSP and Secure SD-WAN partner
  • Provides Ethernet, L2/L3 VPN, SD-WAN, DIA (sDIA), Information Security solutions, and DDoS protection, Virtual PoP, VPS, IP-Telephony, Remote hands, Customer SPTA-management, Biometric person recognition
  • Average network availability 99.95%
  • Quotations for your solution within 24h
  • 300+ employees (200+ are technical specialists)
  • Customer support 24/7/365