Information security

  •    100+ cyberattacks are prevented daily
  •       300+ more than 300 viruses, malware, and malicious sites are blocked every hour
  •          1 one day for the implementation of the service

Your reliable cyberspace protection

The security and confidentiality of personal data are the most important thing today. Especially for the protection of your and your family’s personal data in cyberspace, we have developed a dedicated product – InfoClient. The service uses an online threat database, which is updated online and is a joint resource of CYBER THREAT ALLIANCE, which includes the world’s major cybersecurity companies.

In addition to the protection against all possible modern cyber threats, the InfoClient service provides the ability to configure and restrict your children’s access to unwanted Internet resources selectively, or by entire thematic categories, including adult video resources, resources related to drug distribution, gambling, resources that consume too much Internet traffic, etc.

secure internet

no need to worry about viruses anymore

safety for children

children protection from harmful information and unwanted acquaintances


PC checking for all known malware and spyware and its further protection


no one will spy on you or use your webcam, as they do in spy movies

secure downloads

protection from spyware and online junk

protection from spyware and online junk

the service will allow you to significantly reduce the risk of your personal information leakage

What you need to know about information security

The answers to common questions are provided by our specialists.