How to ensure the reliability of the company – provider of information security services?

We are all familiar with the word “cyberattack” and have repeatedly heard about cases of interference in the information environment of company in order to destabilize the work and/or obtaining of information containing confidential data by criminals. Unfortunately, we must state that cybercrime today is moving side by side with advanced information technology. As a result of cyberattacks, companies suffer multimillion-dollar losses, and the company’s image suffers significantly.

Nowadays, it is a big mistake to ignore the issue of information security. Considering the ever-increasing number of victims, a particularly pressing issue is implementation of information security measures in the company.

Information security is a rather broad term that includes all aspects related to the definition, achievement and maintenance of confidentiality, integrity, accessibility, infallibility, accountability, authenticity and reliability of information or its processing. The main goal is protection of information and supporting infrastructure from accidental or intentional influences that may cause unacceptable damage to businesses or normal users. One way to protect information is to use secure Internet access.

Looking for a company that provides secure Internet, you should consider whether the company has the right to provide confidential communication services and / or secure access to the network. The State Service of Special Communications and Information Protection of Ukraine is a authority that includes companies in the list of operators of the National system of confidential communication. The list of operators can be found here.

The second key element is the presence of the ISO / IEC 27001: 2013 certificate, which certifies that the company has implemented and uses an information security management system. ISO / IEC 27001: 2013 – provides a list of requirements for the information security system to demonstrate the ability of the organization to protect its information resources and customer data.

The third step is the company’s reputation, qualified specialists and experience in the market. The ever-increasing number of customers, the improvement of technology and the increasing of the number of products are a sign of sustainable development.
It a pleasure that Infocom meets all the criteria listed. The documents confirming it are available here.

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