InfoSDWAN – secure remote workplaces

The age of digitalization has come, the relevance of remote online work has increased, and your data and information in cyberspace have become more vulnerable to hackers.

Is there a solution to protect your business in cyberspace?

Infocom offers a product, the benefits of which we will consider in detail.
infoSDWAN is the best solution for setting up remote workplaces and uninterrupted operation of your business anywhere outside the office.

Service has the following key features:

  1. Intelligent routing;
  2. Providing active redundancy of the communication channel for the remote “office”;
  3. Quick integration of your system with the InfoGuard service;
  4. Get a reliable infrastructure at home to work with your corporate information systems;
  5. Encrypted VPN tunnels (IPSec) between the terminal equipment and the controller prevent external penetration into the network;
  6. Technical support 24/7.

The infoSDWAN features:

  • Application Control – apps detection, classification, and acceleration. The system knows more than 4500 existing applications and acts upon the default priority list. It is possible to create their own apps profiles and manually distribute applications across communication channels, choosing the best for the critical.
  • Dynamic Routing feature automatically selects packet routing based on application needs and real-time channel performance. It provides two or more channels for continuous active-backup.
  • WAN virtualization – SD-WAN integrates multiple communication channels, regardless of technology (MPLS, Internet, 4G / LTE, etc.) into one virtual. The system is monitoring delays, packet losses on each channel in real-time. An intelligent channel load balancing system ensures the quality of applications.
  • WAN optimization – TCP optimization and compression improve communication speed and quality. Duplication of data can reduce packet loss.
  • infoSDWAN provides centralized management of the entire SD-WAN network, real-time apps monitoring and channel settings. One of the key features is quick branch deployment due to zero-touch deployment (when the configuration is created in the center and the settings are automatically imported by equipment when it is connected to the network).

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