ManuScan is a biometric identification system that uses the palm vein scanning method. It is based on reading the radiation reflected from the human palm in the infrared region of the spectrum with a wavelength of 760 nm. Because the reduced hemoglobin in the blood absorbs infrared radiation, the venous vessels of the palm reflect radiation of lower intensity than the rest of its surface. This forms a unique pattern of venous vessels, and the veins become visible when scanning in infrared rays.

This method of identification is hundreds of times more reliable than today’s most common method of fingerprint scanning. In terms of efficiency, the method is in direct competition with more complex and expensive systems that are using eyes retina or iris scanning technology, while remaining more comfortable and easy to use.

The identification process of the ManuScan system is as follows:

  • You need to raise your hand to the system scanner.
  • The camera with the sensor reads the image of the vein imprint and converts it into a unique “hash”, which is compared with the sample in a secure database.
  • The algorithm works according to the configured profiles, depending on the application of the identification system.

Advantages of the palm vein scanning method:

  1. Accurate and fast identification
  2. Impossibility of forgery
  3. Integration into all access control systems
  4. Simplicity and ease of use
  5. Stable performance in all weather and climatic conditions (from -25 °C to + 85 °C)
  6. Triple encryption system
  7. Hygiene (no contact with the sensor surface)
  8. Ease of installation
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How it works

The order process of the ManuScan biometric identification system includes the following stages

  1. Briefing with representatives of the customer’s company
  2. Terms of reference and estimates forming
  3. Scope of work confirmation and contract signing
  4. ManuScan system installation
  5. System configuration and testing
  6. ManuScan system start
  7. ManuScan service support