MPLS corporate networks

The service for building networks using MPLS VPN 2 and 3 technology is implemented on the basis of the UkrPack data transmission network. The UkrPack network was created by Infocom and has been operated by the company since 1992. During its existence, it has undergone significant modernization and is currently a modern converged network with national coverage.

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How is it built and how it works?

The corporate network consists of a backbone (core) and an access network. The core nodes are located in Kyiv and regional centers. They work on MPLS technology. The nodes of network access located at Kyiv, regional centers, and regional cities.
Using MPLS network resources, Infocom provides both second (L2) and third-tier (L3) services.

List of services provided:

UkrPaсk Line service – point-to-point Ethernet connection;
UkrPaсk Multiline service – Ethernet connection between many points;
UkrPaсk IP VPN service is a virtual private IP network.

Categories and parameters of service quality

The quality of information services provided to customers is determined by the reliability of communication and the quality of information transmission. The same quality standards are set for all types of information transfer services.