Secure mobile complex (office)

Pilgrim is a mobile complex equipped with the wired/wireless VPN router and a large capacity battery. The complex allows to create secure data channels and provides long-term autonomy of portable personal computers or other devices thanks to the built-in battery. The secure mobile complex is used in case of need to ensure high mobility and independence of users from traditional wired communication networks and power grids. Pilgrim can be used to quickly deploy emergency rescue operations centers, command centers of armed forces, and more.

It is used when:

  • work is carried out in remote areas without developed information infrastructure
  • there is a frequent change of working locations throughout the day
  • there is no reliable power supply
  • there is a need to immediately establish communication via a secure channel, regardless of whether there is an opportunity to connect in this location or not

The autonomy of the complex allows it to be used continuously for up to 120 hours (with a maximum capacity battery), which allows providing reliable communication for engineering teams conducting reconnaissance, construction, or inspection work in areas with no infrastructure or social services to work with the population in remote country areas.

The main purpose of the Pilgrim mobile complex is to organize autonomous and reliable connection of users to their corporate networks and the Internet. To make it possible the router of the complex can be equipped with two independent 2G/3G/4G modems (with the ability to divide the existing data channels into main and backup) or one modem and Wi-Fi module. In addition to wireless connectivity, Pilgrim is equipped with three Gigabit Ethernet ports to connect the complex to the network if a wired connection is available or use the ports to connect other devices. Parameter settings and division into main and backup communication channels are carried out depending on the needs of the customer at the stage of coordination of technical characteristics of the complex.

The Pilgrim complex is a hard plastic case protected from dust and moisture, measuring 35×56.4×16.5 cm, with a service compartment separated from the main volume by a protective panel. The Pilgrim main volume allows to freely accommodate up to two standard 15.6-inch laptops or a scanner and a laptop or measuring or communication equipment of equivalent size. The service compartment of the complex is located at the bottom of the case and is designed to accommodate the built-in battery, VPN router, and switching unit. The complex plugboard contains the battery level display, SMA-antennas sockets, three Gigabit Ethernet ports, USB sockets, and the DC 12-24V socket for charging or power of portable, or other low-voltage devices or equipment. The battery capacity, the number of USB ports, the voltage, and the type of power supply socket are agreed upon at the stage of coordination of the technical characteristics of the complex.

For ease of transportation, the complex can be optionally equipped with a wheelbase with a sliding handle.

    The Pilgrim mobile complex provides:

  • long autonomy, high mobility, fast deployment
  • access to the Internet
  • the ability to create L2/L3 VPN networks: L2TP, IPsec, OpenVPN, PPTP, GRE, EoIP
  • routing protocols: BGP, OSPF, RIP, network traffic filtering, NAT, firewall
  • operation in the active-backup mode using wired and wireless channels
  • simultaneous access of many portable personal computers and other mobile devices to the corporate network and the Internet with the built-in Wi-Fi module (optional)

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How it works

The order process of the Pilgrim secure communication complex includes the following stages:

  1. Briefing with representatives of the customer’s company
  2. Terms of reference and estimates forming. Service “pilot” testing (if requested)
  3. Scope of work confirmation and contract signing
  4. Assembly and testing
  5. Equipment delivery
  6. Pilgrim service start
  7. Pilgrim service technical support